Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cami!

Having your youngest child turn 18 is a sobering experience. Nonetheless, we
enjoyed Cami's birthday party--especially the cake made by our friend, Lisa!

Thankful for Thanksgiving

About 23 family members gathered in Elly's new home in South Jordan, Utah, to enjoy a grand Thanksgiving feast. We're glad we got to be there! The food was delicious and the company couldn't be beat.

Making Pies with the Guys

We made pies with the 16-18 year old young men from church before Thanksgiving. The pies were to be served to the young women at the Thanksgiving dinner activity the next week. As you can imagine, it was an interesting experience!

The brave instructors--Lisa Wood and me

The boys at work....

...and at play?

Of course, they did more than a little eating!

Amazingly enough, we made some pies which impressed the girls the next week. Those boys were so proud!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween and more

We approached Halloween this year with mostly a bah-humbug attitude (or is that only applicable to Christmas). Anyway, I didn't even put up any decorations except for a few token pumpkins and gourds here and there (which will hopefully last and provide the decor for Thanksgiving as well). With a daughter who is a senior in high school and grandchildren that live miles away, there was frankly not much motivation. However, in the back of my mind for several years has been the idea to trick or treat backwards, in other words, take treats to others. I happened to have a rare day to myself on Halloween day. That idea to trick or treat others returned and because I had the time, I spent the day baking bread to pass out to others. It got me in the Halloween spirit!

Halloween evening, Jim and I attended the ward chili feed and trunk or treat with our plastic pumpkin filled with hot cocoa mix with bunny marshmallow packets for the trunk or treaters and our ceramic pumpkin lit by a candle for decor (we did not win the decoration prize). We even took a pot of chili! The cultural hall was way too crowded, we were a little intimidated by all the costumes (we dressed in our regular attire as Ma and Pa Wilson) and, in our opinion, the costume contest was poorly executed. We were losing what holiday spirit we had found. We did enjoy handing out treats to the kids and visiting with a few of the adults but the best part of the evening occurred after the party. Jim and I went trick or treating--backwards. What fun it was to take bread to neighbors and friends who we knew wouldn't see a lot of action on Halloween night. I hope it can become a tradition!

By-the-way, Cami spent Halloween night doing homework. She did take some time to go trick or treating with Key Club. They collected money for UNISEF. She dressed in her pirate costume and had a great time.

We enjoyed Sariah's cheerful presence last weekend. She was here for interviews in preparation for a mission call. I think she got all of her papers submitted. It won't be too long before she'll be getting that call. We're all excited for her!

We had the opportunity to drive Claire Harris Roach and her two really cute kids to and from the airport. They live in Mountain Home. Her husband is serving as a lawyer in the military and had been out of town training for several weeks. She flew to Seattle to spend a week with her family. She looks much the same as she did back in the old days when our family always did crazy things with her family. Those were memorable times!

Last week brought a cannery assignment canning pears, a Borah high school parent meeting, pie-making with six 16 - 17 year old young men (whom Jim instructs at church), parent/teacher conferences where we didn't get any surprises--Cami's teachers really like her and she is a very good student--and Stake Conference. We appreciated the messages received from the conference talks. We also got to play in the leaves as we tried to rake them up on Saturday.

Jim is finally feeling better (knock on wood) after suffering for about six weeks of the past eight. He lost about 20 pounds but can talk again and is actually found smiling on occasion.

Cami spent a couple of days in a lodge in McCall with the high school acapella choir. She was disappointed that there was no snow but still had a good time with all of her choir friends. They especially enjoyed their explorations in the woods.

Jacob had dance competitions over the weekend. The competition was stiff (against members of the top dance teams) but he was pleased to report that he and his partner made it to the top quarter in three of the competitions (the toughest) and placed fourth in another. Way to go, Jacob! He recently applied for an industrial design winter internship with a firm in Milan, Italy. We're anxious to hear the news on that!

Check out Tori's and Elly's blogs (link at the right) to get the latest scoop on their families!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Latest and Greatest

We've got a new grandson! He looks just like his dad. He's really cute. Owen Christopher Osorio was born to Tori and Ryan on October 14. Tori was amazed at how smoothly the labor and delivery went. Ryan surprised the doctor by wanting to be involved in everything. Both mom and baby are doing great! Ryan is a proud father.

I got to spend five days with them in Florida. I loved every minute of my stay. Of course, holding Owen was the best part! I tried my best to remember those days long past when I had babies in order to give useful advice. I also enjoyed soaking up the warm weather as I took walks through the neighborhood, read by the pool and re-visited the Devil's Millhopper sink hole.

Jim and Cami managed to survive my absence. Cami was swamped with projects to complete for school. Jim took a weekend trip to Utah to spend time with Jacob and other family members. Jim and Jacob nearly froze at the BYU game. It snowed!

Another worthy event that took place earlier in the month was Borah High Homecoming. Our youngest, Cami (a senior and the only one left at home), enjoyed participating in the festivities. She actually dressed up as a pirate one day during spirit week!

Also as a Key Club member, she helped decorate cars (ours included) at the Friday night game. The cold rain kind of put a damper on that activity and gave Cami an excuse to leave the game early. She looked beautiful on Saturday night as she and her date, John, prepared to leave for dinner and the dance.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

At Long Last!

It has taken us forever to make this first step into blogging. Our daughter, Tori, created this blog four months ago! Didn't she do an awesome job? Now the big question is--where do we start? The beginning should include a brief introduction. The Wilson family consists of two parents, five children, two son-in-laws and four grandchildren (with some assorted pets thrown in). Three of us live in Idaho, seven in Utah and three in Florida. We've got lots of talents and interests--singing, dancing, writing, drawing, creating, acting, camping, canoeing, skiing, reading, exploring, and fishing to name a few. There's always something happening and we wanted to share the best news with you.