Sunday, January 17, 2010

Merriment in McCall

The third annual family reunion in McCall took place the week after Christmas again this year. Our cozy log cabin retreat and the snowy wonderland provided the perfect backdrop for lots of joy and laughter.

Just sitting in the great room beside the glowing fireplace and watching the falling snow was a treat.

While the guys enjoyed skiing at Brundage, the girls romped in the snow with the kids,

watched the romance classics that Grandma got herself for Christmas,

and were entertained by the children. There was never a dull moment!

Hansel and Gretel? Note the tongue.

Grandma's treasure box, filled with activities for the kids, was popular.

The adults played a mean game of "Categories" and another game (like "Gossip") introduced by Jacob which involved writing a phrase, passing the paper to the next person who drew a picture depicting the phrase. That person then folded down the phrase before passing the paper to the next person who would try to come up with a phrase that would describe the picture and so on. Reading the results brought lots of laughter!

"Sorry" and "Hi Ho Cherry O" were popular with the kids. Owen and Becca's favorite was throwing- the-fruits-from-the-basket-in-the-center-of-the-table-onto-the-floor. There was a box of oranges on the floor that got the same treatment. We had fruit everywhere!

The kitchen help was fabulous and the meals delicious! Everyone pitched in.

Wii Lego Rock Band, Mario Bros. and the Raving Rabbids (racing down snowy slopes on water buffaloes, exercising with Miss Fit and dancing with divas) provided hours of entertainment...and more laughter.

Nathan and Matthew built some awesome snow forts.

We discovered that the gravel pit was a great place for sledding.

Owen was a little hesitant at first to careen down the hill on a sled and was easily distracted....

...until he saw Maggie, then Becca, go down on their bottoms.

Owen followed and soon he was hooked!

To our amazement, Becca took a flying leap and started sliding head first on her belly like a penguin down the hill. Owen was not far behind.

We all agreed at the end of the week that this was the best McCall reunion yet. Thanks Grandpa Camper for making it possible. Thanks to everyone for working so hard to make it such a positive experience. I'm looking forward to the next one!