Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sariah's Home and Moving On to New Adventures!

We greeted Sariah at the airport last Friday. She was returning home from her mission in far away Uruguay. She looked great!

It was SO good to see her. We hugged for a very long time...

...and shed tears of joy.

She appreciated our home grown flower bouquet.

We are very happy to have our smiling, hard working missionary back home again. We really missed her. We're glad, though, that she was able to share the gospel with so many and have experiences that will bless her entire life.

The first thing Sariah wanted to do was to stop at Walmart to shop for all the stuff she had to leave behind because her luggage was too heavy.

Sariah was released from her mission that evening. She had a very hard time taking off that missionary badge. I think she was ready to hop on the plane and return to those wonderful people in Uruguay.

Sariah and Cami drove to Utah on Tuesday to look for jobs and help their big sister, Elly. They both had jobs within the first couple of hours of the hunt Wed. morning. Sariah will return to work at the care center she worked at before her mission. Cami will be working in the bookstore on campus. What a blessing! Both girls are excited. A million thanks, Jacob, for the referral!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Times at Camp Glenwood

As camp director for our ward for the second year, I really enjoyed Girl's Camp this year. I felt like I was on vacation! I didn't have to cook any meals or worry about keeping the house clean or doing the laundry. I could stay up way past my bedtime. I could even sleep in until 7:30! There were showers, chances for naps and lots of entertainment. There were hugs, smiles and pats on the back, spiritual moments and the beauty of nature all around. What more could a girl ask for?

After arriving at Camp Glenwood, we moved into our cabins, met the staff and learned the rules. Following lunch, the girls attended camp certification classes. Cami, pictured here by our cabin, was my trusty assistant. We conducted a fire safety and sanitation scavenger hunt.

That first night, we had a celebration with dancing, ice cream sundaes and volley ball.
It was easy to get up for flag ceremony and aerobics the next morning.

All the girls went on hikes the first day. I hiked with the 3rd level girls through a beautiful ravine for about 45 minutes to a waterfall. The trail was not an easy one.

At the end of the trail, we took turns rappelling down to the waterfall.

The waterfall was a bit disappointing but what little water there was cooled the air.:)

Sister Darrington talked about how much easier it is to stay on the strait and narrow path throughout life--even if the path is a difficult one. Once we wander off the path, the going can get really rough. The further we stray, the harder it is to repent and find our way back. That message really made an impression that day.

Rotations that afternoon included crafts....

...and a humanitarian project.

We gathered to watch skits after dinner. Then, met with our bishop during our ward devotional. We learned that we are more precious than rubies! We also discovered lots of interesting facts about our bishop.

It was a bit harder to get out of bed the second morning. Nevertheless, many participated in the morning yoga routine.

Rotations after breakfast included bracelet braiding. Our girls were pros!

After lunch, we met for some instructions and then went swimming. The water felt great!

Lots of hair got braided during free time that afternoon.

The last supper of spaghetti and meatballs was delicious!

I encountered some bandaid collectors after dinner.

Here's Cami preparing for our ward devotional which was held after the testimony meeting. Secret Sisters were unveiled! Since when did TPing a sleeping bag and filling it with pine cones count as service?

Lots of testimonies were born at the testimony meeting that evening. I couldn't help reflecting on how important it is to work every single day to keep our testimonies strong so that we can be prepared to survive the challenges of life that will undoubtedly come our way.