Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Camas Prairie Experience

Camping on Little Camas Reservoir with Little Brother, Jordan, last weekend was quite the adventure. Thanks to all the rain we have been experiencing, the prairie looked like paradise and I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The prairie was carpeted with yellow flowers.

We were surprised to see huge swans on the reservoir.

The stormy skies and setting sun added unexpected drama.
Here's Big Brother Jim, Little Brother Jordan and our camper on the prairie.
After setting up camp and exploring the area on bikes, Jim taught Jordan how to build a campfire. We roasted marshmallows for smores, a new experience for Jordan. We tried a new experiment and substituted the chocolate bars for Nutella (because there were no chocolate bars in the house and no time to shop for some). We loved the nutty chocolate taste and the soft, melty texture.

We awoke to the patter of rain on the camper roof early in the morning the next day. Lulled by the rain, we promptly fell back to sleep. We did this several times before finally climbing out of bed after 8 am. Jordan experienced his first ever scrambled eggs and bagel and learned how to tie up his sleeping bag. By then the rain had subsided and we exited the camper to enter a beautiful rain-soaked world.
Jordan and Jim prepared to go fishing.
They took the canoe out on the lake just as a stiff wind came up and blew them back to shore. They practiced casting on shore before trying their hand at fishing. It proved difficult with the wind. Unfortunately, they didn't catch anything.
Meanwhile, I rode my bike and took more pictures.

Jordan loved the camper and is hoping to have one of his own someday.

Dark clouds were gathering quickly and we knew heavy rain was eminent. About noon we started packing up our gear. In the process, Jim got a fish hook stuck in his finger so deep that he couldn't pull it out. He spent the next three hours with it stuck in his finger as we helped him put the canoe on the trailer and tie on the bikes. He drove to Boise, dropped us off at our respective homes and, finally, took himself to the clinic. After his positive experience at the clinic, Jim is really glad he didn't try to dig that hook out himself. Our adventure, turned misadventure, will remain a fond memory.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Buenos Aires in March - Recoleta

In two and a half days, I saw enough of Buenos Aires to only wet my appetite for more! First, I took a bus tour to get an overview of the city. Then, Jim and I returned to explore further some of the more interesting sections.

Recoleta is the city's most exclusive neighborhood. It has a very European feel. I saw the Floralis Generica, below, from the bus. It actually opens and closes.

The Covenant and the Pilar Church was built in 1706.

The Recoleta Cemetery, the burial place of many wealthy and famous people from Argentine history (including Evita), was created in 1866.

It covers 4 blocks and contains over 6,000 tombs. Many are quite spectacular. All were interesting.

Plaza Francesa near the cemetery and church was under construction but there were some stunning trees that got our attention. The monument was donated in 1910 by France.

On our last day, Jim and I explored the huge and colorful handicraft market that was set up around the plaza.

We were impressed with the beautiful parks in the area containing unique vegetation and, just like the rest of Buenos Aires, several monuments.

We discovered the Monument to Evita, the contemporary National Library....

...and a delicious fruit and ice cream concoction in the restaurant next to the library. Yum!