Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Changes

After following the counsel we received in stake conference a couple of months ago to discover what we could do to bless our family, we received an impression that we should move closer to family. After much discussion, we decided to put our house up for sale to see what would happen. We listed it on a Monday and got an offer the following Saturday! That was the week Jim was in Prague. I was to have joined him there but discovered at the last minute that my passport had expired. That actually turned out to be a blessing as I was home and able to get things going toward the sale of our home. I was also able to spend some time searching for a new house. We have since bought a house in an area much closer to family and will be moving into it in just three weeks! Although we're sad about leaving Idaho and our good friends here. We're getting excited about the new adventure ahead. Here are a few photos of our new home and the things we love best about it.

We're excited about the front porch swing and the big backyard,

the little playground and basketball court for the grandkids,

the three small but full bathrooms, the large laundry/project room,

the outdoor patio and deck,

lots and lots of storage,

the good-sized garden spot,

the fruit trees and outdoor fire pit,

the playhouse and horseshoe pit,

the garage with it's nicely finished floor and storage cabinets,

and especially the large kitchen/dining room/great room for big family gatherings.

Watch out family here we come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corn Maze and Chickens

Watching four of our grandkids for almost an entire week in October was challenging but filled with fun. The biggest challenges involved getting the kids settled down for bed each night, trying to get them out the door and figuring out how to deal with the conflicts. Thankfully we had far more fun than challenges. The fun included two trips to the corn maze....

where we slid and bounced,

put on disguises,

rode the wild cows,

tried out the hay ride and "keep left (or was it right?)" maze,

got buried in the corn box,

and maneuvered our way through corn mazes. The boys even won prizes in the pig race!

More fun was had in our backyard as trees were climbed and decorated,

popsicles were consumed,

chickens became playmates,

and more!

I think we were all a little sad that this would be the last time we'd get to entertain the grandchildren in our Idaho home. We had just sold our home the week before! Consolation came from the fact that we'd be moving closer to these kids and other family members. Who knew what adventures lay around the corner!