Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I Have Learned From My Grandchildren Already This Year

1. Grandma's old sweatshirt works just fine to keep little girls warm when Mom
forgets to leave a coat.

2. The old playhouse in Grandma's backyard is perfect for making sand pies for dinner.

3. From two year old Becca after whining because Grandma just can't do the arm rub right, "You have to go adagio." For those of you who aren't familiar with Italian or music, adagio means slowly. Thank you, "Little Einsteins". Maybe next time I'll have better luck getting Becca to sleep!
4. It's time to stop the car when Becca keeps gagging on a french fry that she has chewed up, decided she doesn't like and refuses to swallow, even though Maggie's kindergarten class is about to start without her.
5. Becca does not like french fries even though she insists that she does.

6. Kids like to play outdoors even in winter!

7. It's okay to skate on the ice rink without skates.

8. Libraries are great places to play (and so is the mall but playing on the merry-go-round, the little cars and the train costs a lot more money).

9. An empty room with a few accessories can provide entertainment for hours!

10. Even a 55 year old train can be highly entertaining....or a Lego one.

12. Five year old Maggie is a very creative speller (harbrgrr is hamburger) and artist.

Her quickly drawn valentine (not pictured) and presented to me melted my heart.

Other little tidbits:

Maggie's favorite movie is "Follow Me Boys" because of the song. She especially likes all the boys marching along and singing it.

Becca seems to think that she will be "starting preschool in 30 minutes" which will be interesting as she hasn't (at 2) even been signed up for it yet.

Becca loves her "glov-ez"!

Strollers do not go down escalators. They get caught at the bottom and knock those following on their behinds. Don't ask me how I know.:(

Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Saturday

Our birthday date with Matthew at the bowling alley last Saturday got the day off to a great start--in spite of Matthew's concerns about spending a morning with Grandma and Grandpa ALONE. Matthew's curve balls were amazing. Thank goodness for bumpers!

Grandpa ended up winning both games which wasn't much of a surprise.

The surprise came with each of Grandma's three strikes!

Matthew was ecstatic to learn that he could play his "favorite" arcade game, Laser Dodge, after our bowling session ended. When he seemed hesitant to actually play, we discovered that Matthew had never really played the game. He had only watched others play it. After struggling to maneuver his body through the maze of light rays without touching any of them, I think Matthew dropped the game from his list of favorites.

We concluded our morning outing at Arctic Circle where we gobbled up some lunch. Those thick creamy milkshakes were delicious!

We celebrated Elly's birthday at our house Saturday evening with a dinner of chicken noodle soup, Grandma Bev's homemade bread, green salad and fruit....

...with a little chocolate mint cake and homemade vanilla ice cream on the side. Elly, with the help of all of her children, blew out the 28 candles that decorated the cake.
I think that means her wish comes true (unless she was wishing that she was only 28)!

Grandpa Gary's bean bag toss game and Cami's marriage book for kids provided great entertainment.
We were thankful for another opportunity to visit and interact with family!