Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow for Thanksgiving

It started snowing the night after we moved into our new home and continued sporadically until Thanksgiving Day, four days later. With all the snow on the ground, we were thankful the drive to Elly's house for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner was a short one. We now live only eight minutes away!

The grand kids proudly showed me the snow fort they had been working on.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious....
...and so was the chocolate pie!

Jim actually ended up spending a good portion of the day on the road. He drove for an hour and a half to pick up Aunt Maurine so she could join us for dinner. She seemed to enjoy the meal and the company.

The ride to Gordon's house with our grand kids afterwards was more than she could take, however. She became so overwrought with all the commotion that it was evident that she needed to go home shortly after our arrival. Jim didn't get much of a chance to visit with his family. What a sweetheart!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Move

Thanks to the help of many friends and family members the overwhelming task of packing up all of our belongings, cleaning both houses and moving into our new home was accomplished. We couldn't have done it without all the help!

After the unexpected quick sale of our home in Idaho, we had about a month to find a new home and prepare to move. By the following weekend, we had bought a house. The task of packing our belongings was a big one, though. We had been in our Idaho home for over twelve years! Men, young and old alike, helped Jim pack and clean up the garage--an especially daunting task. Several women from the ward helped me pack. Others helped me clean as the last of our belongings were being loaded on the truck.

Ann and Patrick hosted a going away party--we loved spending that last night before our move with good friends--and then provided a place for us to rest our weary bones for the night.

It would be another week before we could move into our new home. Many family members shared their homes and meals during that time. Then they appeared on our doorstep anxious to help on the day we moved in. We put them to work and got so much accomplished!

We feel blessed to be associated with so many wonderful people! A million thanks!!!!!