Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Latest and Greatest

We've got a new grandson! He looks just like his dad. He's really cute. Owen Christopher Osorio was born to Tori and Ryan on October 14. Tori was amazed at how smoothly the labor and delivery went. Ryan surprised the doctor by wanting to be involved in everything. Both mom and baby are doing great! Ryan is a proud father.

I got to spend five days with them in Florida. I loved every minute of my stay. Of course, holding Owen was the best part! I tried my best to remember those days long past when I had babies in order to give useful advice. I also enjoyed soaking up the warm weather as I took walks through the neighborhood, read by the pool and re-visited the Devil's Millhopper sink hole.

Jim and Cami managed to survive my absence. Cami was swamped with projects to complete for school. Jim took a weekend trip to Utah to spend time with Jacob and other family members. Jim and Jacob nearly froze at the BYU game. It snowed!

Another worthy event that took place earlier in the month was Borah High Homecoming. Our youngest, Cami (a senior and the only one left at home), enjoyed participating in the festivities. She actually dressed up as a pirate one day during spirit week!

Also as a Key Club member, she helped decorate cars (ours included) at the Friday night game. The cold rain kind of put a damper on that activity and gave Cami an excuse to leave the game early. She looked beautiful on Saturday night as she and her date, John, prepared to leave for dinner and the dance.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

At Long Last!

It has taken us forever to make this first step into blogging. Our daughter, Tori, created this blog four months ago! Didn't she do an awesome job? Now the big question is--where do we start? The beginning should include a brief introduction. The Wilson family consists of two parents, five children, two son-in-laws and four grandchildren (with some assorted pets thrown in). Three of us live in Idaho, seven in Utah and three in Florida. We've got lots of talents and interests--singing, dancing, writing, drawing, creating, acting, camping, canoeing, skiing, reading, exploring, and fishing to name a few. There's always something happening and we wanted to share the best news with you.