Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day with the Wilson Clan

We journeyed to Utah on Thursday, Feb. 12 to attend the Wilson Ski Reunion. On the way, we stopped to visit Uncle Dale and Aunt Maurine. Jim installed a better monitor on Uncle Dale's computer. Uncle Dale was thrilled to be able to see and read his email again!

After spending the night at Elly's house, Jim enjoyed Friday the 13th skiing with his brothers and their wives. I had fun playing with Elly and the girls while the boys were in school. We had dinner with the Wilson family at the Little America restaurant. It was a very nice restaurant but the service was extremely slow. All the kids got restless and created quite a commotion running around and jumping off the stairs. I think a few guests, as well as parents, were at their wits end but, heh, it was Friday the 13th. What more could you expect? The rest of the day had gone without a hitch, almost. Aunt Dana did have a nasty fall on the slopes and injured her knee.

Jim took Nathan and Matthew skiing on Saturday, Valentine's Day. He enjoyed encouraging the boys to show off their abilities when the rest of the Wilson skiers arrived later in the day. The Uncles were impressed! They couldn't believe how fast and fearless the boys were. Matthew's first words to his mom when he got home, "We skied an Olympic Black Diamond!" It was a great skiing day.

We girls (including Cami) enjoyed having lunch and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Cannon. In the afternoon, Elly and I did some Valentine shopping while Cami stayed home with Maggie and Becca.

Dinner on Sat. night was in Midway for adults only. The food was outstanding! We appreciated the chance to relax and visit.

I had a flower in my salad that I thought tasted delicious.

Aunt Hilary didn't like hers.

We each received a rose as we left the restaurant. It had been a happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Searching for An Affordable Dream Home

I'm back! Finally. In case you were wondering what in the world happened to me, I'll tell you. I've been house hunting and traveling.

The house hunting became an obsession. It took over my life for a while. But, after weeks of searching, I discovered that the affordable dream home does not seem to exist. It was only a figment of my imagination. I just felt that in this market, if I searched hard enough, I could find it. No such luck. I found a few with potential but the improvements would make the financial stretch more than we are willing to make during this crazy unstable economy.

Therefore, we have chosen to remain in our perfectly acceptable house to be better prepared for whatever the future may hold. It's not perfect but it's warm. It's cozy. It costs little to heat and cool. It's got a big backyard full of fruit trees and gardens. It's got plenty of space for just the two of us (and even a couple of guests). It's got everything we really need. I think we can be happy here for a while longer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

Thank goodness there's a travel freeze at HP, otherwise I'd never see Jim! He had business meetings in California last week. This week he will be in Columbia and Peru. I miss him but I can't complain about the frequent flier miles he's accumulating. I can take more trips to Florida to remind little Owen that he really does have another grandma or I can go on a romantic getaway or two with my dear husband. So, I'm not complaining!

Jim and I did get to spend some time together in Utah last weekend. I drove from Boise. He flew in from California. We stayed with Elly and enjoyed having the chance to interact with grandchildren. Nathan and Matthew demonstrated their new Wii games. Maggie took every opportunity possible to sit on our laps. Becca entertained us with her grins and newly discovered language (which consists mostly of "ba"). We got to visit with Grandma Jacque at the care center. She was especially happy to see her great-granddaughters. They brought a smile to her face.

We had a delightful visit with Grandma and Grandpa Cannon as well. They shared lunch, stories and old photos. We appreciated their words of wisdom. Cami and I got to spend some time shopping together. We were excited that she actually found what she needed.

Jacob performed with the BYU Concert Choir in the Winter Choirfest on Friday night at the Provo Tabernacle. Men's Chorus, Women's Chorus and BYU Singers were also on the program. The music was heavenly! My favorites included "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine" performed by the BYU Singers, "Pilgrims on a Journey" written by Jared Oaks and sung by the Women's Chorus, "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" and "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" by Concert Choir, an awesome arrangement of "Have I Done Any Good?" sung by the choirs and congregation, and the finale, "Come, Come Ye Saints" performed by all four choirs. I was moved, uplifted and transformed! I was so grateful that I'd had the opportunity to experience it.

Jim and I stopped to visit with Uncle Dale and Aunt Maurine on our way home. Our intended quick stop turned into a 2 or 3 hour visit. At the ripe old age of 90 and with their health issues, we wonder how they survive each day. Thank goodness they have some wonderful neighbors.