Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Friday, August 5, found me at a kid's fun center with Elly, Nathan, Matthew, Maggie, Becca and some friends to celebrate Maggie's sixth birthday. Most of the celebration took place at the small, kid-friendly water park on the premises.

Nathan immediately tried out the big slides. He loved them! He tried talking Matthew into joining him but Matthew fearfully refused. They played together on the shark slide for a while but Nathan soon made his way back to the big slide for the big thrills.

The smaller whale slide was just right for Becca, Maggie and friends.

Becca joined the dance competition in her swim vest. She could not be persuaded to take it off! Eventually, Maggie was rocking away, too.

After much cajoling, Matthew finally got brave enough to try the big slide. One run and he was hooked! Soon Maggie and her friends were hitching rides with Nathan to careen down the slide as well.
Becca was perfectly happy to flit back and forth between kiddie pool and whale slide.

Party time! Who could resist the smiley-face-with-sunglasses cake (made by Elly)....

...or the shark's teeth, ice cream and lemonade or root beer provided by the fun center.

After the party and as part of the entertainment, we watched Maggie catch handfuls of real money in the wind tube and then "fish" for a prize. She caught a colorful light rod.

The planned two hour party turned into a four hour one, The kids were having too much fun. What a wonderful birthday party for Maggie! I'm so glad I got to help out.

I left the party at the originally scheduled departing time so that Jim and I could make the drive to Morgan to join some of my family for dinner and the rodeo.

We enjoyed having the chance to spend time with family! The rodeo was an interesting cultural experience. It was especially fun watching the kids chase after the bunnies and ride the frisky sheep.

What a super fantastic Friday!

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